Detox Your Wardrobe

Oh, dear summer, may you stay forever?

I might be a helpless romantic when it comes to summer sundowns and weeping fair wells to the sea when we part for the final time each summer. There is just not the same excitement in my step when I think of fall.

Sometime during this past summer, I have become an advocate of minimalism. I feel that summer is the perfect time for it. Choosing to wear dresses, overalls, playsuits, light shirts, and short pants immediately communicate more relaxed vibes. I don’t even have to throw flip flops on, I am ready to go places barefoot. Fall requires a bit more effort and layering. But to not feel stressed when I look at the wardrobe, here are some tips on how to make the transition into cooler days easier – if not mentally, at least practically.

My wardrobe actually doesn’t differentiate seasons, I rather use my summer essentials underneath long shirts and jackets to layer them for cooler months.

I still like to clean its content seasonally and evaluate each item of clothing separately. I ask myself: “Have you worn it during the last year? Does it fit and make you look fabulous? Will you possibly wear it again? Do you have somewhere to wear it to?” Based on that, I create a “keep” and toss” pile. With items I’m on the fence about tossing, I like to try and wear them again immediately and see how they make me feel. But the general rule with this is that I will give them away at the end of the day. I know I gave them a shot, and we are not the match made in heaven anymore.

One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure. If your “toss” pile consists of more than three items you made progress, no matter how small that might be. Now you have a couple of options, you don’t necessarily need to throw them to the trash bin. Use the torn and worn out pieces in place of dust cleaning wipes. Sell the pieces that are still in good condition and donate the ones that you see someone making happy.

Now that your closet has room to breathe, pull out a piece of paper and take inventory. What does your job require you to wear? What do you like to do on the weekends? See what items you have enough of and what you need more of. Wait, say that again, please. Now that there’s a dent in your closet, you might have to go splurge a little, right?

But first, organize what you have. Color coordination might be a little much, though it might optimize your getting-ready process. Have a system that works well if your snooze button sabotages you and you only have a minute to get ready. As fall is getting near, we are now talking layering, and a one-piece or a dress won’t make you warm enough for the quickly dropping temperatures. Know where exactly your favorite shirt and pants are hiding, so you feel chic and comfortable as if you had an hour to get ready. So you will sparkle and shine with your best energy and no one will know that you actually slept in ’til the very last minute possible.

Ready to take on the fall challenge, ladies? So long till next year, dear summer.