What Is A Reiki Salt House Cleanse?

Cleanses are completed when we are going through a change in our lives; when change is happening around us, or even when we want a change to occur within us. There are a variety of ways to cleanse your body – changing the food that you eat to cleanse your body, purifying your spirit through mediation or religion, and even cleaning your home and surroundings. 

The world constantly changes around us, and nature is conveniently divided into four seasonal changes that also shift our energies. A seasonal change is a great time to apply a Reiki cleanse to help release the old and help bring in the new. If you’re ready for this change, then you’ll love to try a Reiki Salt cleanse to reenergize your home. 

Prepare Your Home

The first step in performing a salt cleanse is to buy the salt. Make sure that it is enough to place in the corners of your home and a little allotting extra too, for good measure. Opinions vary on the type of salt you buy. Some believe any salt will work while others think that pure sea salt is required. 

You will also want to have some small glasses to place the salt within. If you don’t have enough, you can sprinkle the salt directly on the floor.

Choose Your Intention

Begin by standing as close as you can to the “middle” of your house, perhaps an area like the kitchen which is often viewed as the hub of the home. You will then want to close your eyes and envision a white light encircling your home. 

Once you have done this, you will recite a phrase either to yourself or out loud, addressed or intended for your home. Your phrase or intention will want to include the idea that you are surrounding your home with white light to provide love, energy, and protection for your home and those who live within. If you believe in a religion, feel free to include your beliefs within your phrase. 

After you have completed your phrase, you will want to follow up with a symbol in front of you. This symbol could be a cross, for a religious purpose; or, it can be a simple pressing of the palms together. It is to signify that you are asking your God, and Reiki (life energy) to occur with your cleansing. 

Distribution Of Salt

Pour a few tablespoons into each glass, or place a few tablespoons of salt into each of the farthest corners of your home. You will want to use your chosen symbol over each location and recite an intention that invites positive energy, love, and happiness into your home while expelling negative energy out. Such an intention can be: “I expel negative energy from my home and in turn welcome love, happiness, and renewed positive energy.” 

You will want to do this for each level of your home and any extra place that you may feel low energy dwells. Aside from this, consider placing one where you practice your yoga or meditation to cleanse the energy within this area. 

It is also recommended that entrances to your home should also have a line of salt poured across them. It can include your front and back doors, your garage, and even windows that you like to open. Don’t forget to include your phrase and symbol after each time you pour your salt. 

Give Thanks

Once you have completed the pouring of salt, you will want to give thanks and change it once a week; and keep the ritual alive for an entire month. Once the month is complete, and the salt is due for changing, note that you have to dispose of the salt. 

Overall, the effects of completing a Reiki Salt Cleanse in your home can help bring in new energy. Similarly, it can make your home feel open and inviting, providing positive energy to those who live within. All in all, it inspires you to live your life positively as it eases any heavy feel that mulls over your home. Give your home the attention it deserves and try a cleanse the next time you feel a change coming about.